Where I Got Published This Week

Maybe I’ll start doing this weekly, instead of daily. What do you all think?

Also, the thread is open. ❤️


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Money Talks: One friend got married, the other was her maid of honor

Check Out Vox’s New Series, Money Talks

I stopped running “Where I Got Published Today” posts earlier this month, mostly because I signed up for FinCon (the convention for people who write about money) and then asked myself what I wanted the other FinCon attendees to see when they visited Nicole Dieker Dot Com.

And the “Where I Got Published Today” posts were cluttering up the site—like, they were literally every other post.

I do need to figure out a way of sharing my recent published articles, though. Maybe a sidebar thing, except I know that mobile readers don’t have easy access to the sidebar. (You have to click on the hamburger button in the top left corner. Also, you have to know what a hamburger button is.)

Because I’ve been publishing a lot of interesting stuff lately, and am very excited to announce a new series on Vox called Money Talks. We’re interviewing people about how money affects their friendships and relationships—and just so this is perfectly clear, we’re not asking one person about their money issues, we’re asking both involved parties to talk about the way money has influenced their relationship.

For example: the first installment features a bride and a maid of honor discussing wedding planning:

Tiana: […] I’d like to say that it’s an absolute honor to be part of someone’s special day, but it does get very costly. With Latesha it was a different story because she was my best friend. I’ve known her for years, so I expected to be in that price bracket for her anyway. 

Go check out the first story, and if you’re interested in being part of a future Money Talks conversation, let me know! ❤️