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Chase Freedom Flex 2020 bonus categories

Make the most of your cash back bonus categories this quarter.

How to pay a credit card bill

Learn how to pay your credit card, when you should pay your bill and more.

How long can a debt collector pursue old debt?

Debt collectors will keep calling even after the bank stops. Here’s what to expect.


Money Talks: The college friends launching a company in a pandemic

After job loss and upheaval due to Covid-19, Ken Chester Jr. and Linglong Wei started WorkJustly to try and combat discrimination in the hiring process.

Where I Got Published This Week


How to make payments with your phone


United Club Infinite Card: Is it worth it?

Haven Life

How to Manage Your Money During a Crisis


What Does It Mean to Be Furloughed?

Should You Consider Credit Card Forbearance?

Have Your Kid Write to Their Future Self

How to Prioritize Your Bills

If You’re Self-Employed, You Need to Know About the Paycheck Protection Program

Have a good weekend, everybody. ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


Should I use a HELOC to pay off credit card debt?

Chase Freedom Card Bonus Categories for 2020


Best credit cards for young adults


Where to Find Free Mental Health Resources During the Pandemic

Where to Find Free Financial Advice During the Pandemic

Remix Your Board Games With This Free Kit

It’s Time to Stop Using Your Travel Rewards Credit Card

Help Researchers Track the Coronavirus Spread With This App

Use a Squeeze Bottle as a DIY Bidet

How to Hand-Wash Clothes at Home

Stay safe, everybody. ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


How do credit card points work? A beginner’s guide

How to build credit without a credit card


Best credit cards for online shopping

Best high limit business credit cards

Haven Life

How to work from home with kids


How to Create a Designated Work Space in Your Home

Fill Out the Census Form While You’re Stuck Inside

How Do You Make a Will During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Can You Still FIRE During a Recession?

What Bad Habits Have You Picked Up During the Pandemic?


Money Talks: This family declared bankruptcy. Now they’re figuring out how to rebuild.

Lots of good stuff to read this week. I recommend the “can you FIRE during a recession” piece, the “work from home with kids” piece, and the Vox Money Talks interview. ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week


What is a balance transfer credit card?

Haven Life

Making financial decisions is hard. This bracket makes it easier.


Support Restaurants By Ordering Directly From Them

Don’t Shake Out Your Dirty Laundry

What Younger and Older Investors Should Do During a Bear Market

How to Make Video Conferencing From Home Less Terrible

How to Do Mornings When You Work From Home

Why You Need an At-Home Dance Party Right Now

What You Need to Know About the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Let’s keep working to flatten that curve, everybody. See you next week. ❤️

Where I Got Published This Week

Haven Life

What is the Sandwich Generation, and what does it want?


Why You Should Save Your Tax Refund This Year

Your Health Insurance May Waive Coronavirus Testing Copays

How to Avoid Coronavirus Scams

How to Remember What ‘Bear’ and ‘Bull’ Market Mean

The House COVID-19 Bill Would Make Coronavirus Testing Free for Everyone

Should You Continue to Invest in 529 Plans During a Bear Market?

How to Help Elderly Relatives and Friends During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Yeah, there were a lot of coronavirus-related stories this week. Stay social-distanced, y’all. ❤️