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Where I got published this week

And a look at our garden.

I only had one article published this week – the weekly personal finance advice column at Morning Brew – so I thought I'd use this space to share a few pictures of our garden.

Larry is planting three times as many vegetables as last year. So far nearly every seed has germinated, which he is delighted about ("I have a high germination ratio!"). The netting is to protect the vegetables from the squirrels and rabbits.

The rosebush we received after Larry's mother passed in February (a story I share in None of the Monitors Are Asleep) has started to bloom.

Believe it or not, I actually do a lot of writing work from that ridiculous oversized fake-wood rocking chair. I wrote the entirety of my article on sustainable investing and the housing crisis, for example, from that chair.

I also sit in it and read, in the evenings, while Larry teaches piano. ❤❤❤